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Mathematica Resources

Well just because I suck at Mathematica programming it doesn’t mean you should suck at it too. Nor does it mean that I should suck at it forever. With that in mind I want to bring to your attention a … Continue reading

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Some more jazz

In a previous post I’ve already mentioned a few books that are useful for people that want to get into Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory. This time I want to add two more suggestions: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory. … Continue reading

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Some resources on Field Theory and “all” that jazz

Here are some online resources on Field Theory related issues: Hagen Kleinert‘s Books. Warren Siegel‘s Fields. Warren Siegel‘s Introduction to string field theory. Srednicki‘s Quantum Field Theory. Though I’m hardly a specialist in this (yet!) I can see that all … Continue reading

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A quickie on Special Relativity

This post is intended to be a very concise rebuttal to one of the most popular misconceptions about the theory of Special Relativity. — 1. Brief Historical Review — For the ones that really want to have a better grasp … Continue reading

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New avenues into Quantum Mechanics

In recent times two articles that can do the seemingly impossible in Quantum Mechanics have been published and they generated some buzz on the interweb. This first article Observing the Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer is … Continue reading

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Cigar-shaped trap potential

At more or less at the same time that I did the Mathematica code to simulate a speckle pattern producing potential I also had to create a code that recreated a cigar-shaped trap potential. This was done with the goal … Continue reading

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Mathematica code

A long time ago I had to make a program that would simulate a speckle pattern. I ended up doing it in C and in Mathematica. Now I’ll just post in here my Mathematica code to see how it looks … Continue reading

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