Mathematica Resources

Well just because I suck at Mathematica programming it doesn’t mean you should suck at it too. Nor does it mean that I should suck at it forever.

With that in mind I want to bring to your attention a couple of resources on Mathematica that are certainly very useful.

The first one is An Introduction to Programming with Mathematica which a very nice book with a lot of examples. In Wolfram Library Archive you can find some additional files for the book.

The other book I’ll mention is freely available and quite frankly is very, very good. You can get it here with a lot of additional resources.

I’ll give myself two or three months to read these books and in the meantime I hope to become better at Mathematica.


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2 Responses to Mathematica Resources

  1. peeterjoot says:

    Thanks for the references. The looks especially valuable (I took a peek and it was worth it just to find out about the Trace[] command).

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