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Some notes on scattering 01

— 1. Back! — After a very long hiatus I’m definitely going back to doing research in Physics and blogging. Yes, I know that I promised this a lot of times in the past but this time it is for … Continue reading

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Source code in C to simulate a Speckle Potential

Addendum: After writing this post I had a nagging feeling. Some kind of unease about the codes I provided. After taking a quick read of my second edition of Numerical Recipes in C I realized what might have caused that … Continue reading

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Trick with partial derivatives in Statistical Physics

— 1. The problem — Some time ago I was studying Statistical Physics and I ended up solving an interesting exercise. The exercise in question is from the book Statistical Physics by Mandl and it is on page 66: A … Continue reading

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Mathematica Resources

Well just because I suck at Mathematica programming it doesn’t mean you should suck at it too. Nor does it mean that I should suck at it forever. With that in mind I want to bring to your attention a … Continue reading

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Some more jazz

In a previous post I’ve already mentioned a few books that are useful for people that want to get into Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory. This time I want to add two more suggestions: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory. … Continue reading

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Some resources on Field Theory and “all” that jazz

Here are some online resources on Field Theory related issues: Hagen Kleinert‘s Books. Warren Siegel‘s Fields. Warren Siegel‘s Introduction to string field theory. Srednicki‘s Quantum Field Theory. Though I’m hardly a specialist in this (yet!) I can see that all … Continue reading

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A quickie on Special Relativity

This post is intended to be a very concise rebuttal to one of the most popular misconceptions about the theory of Special Relativity. — 1. Brief Historical Review — For the ones that really want to have a better grasp … Continue reading

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