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Some notes on scattering 01

— 1. Back! — After a very long hiatus I’m definitely going back to doing research in Physics and blogging. Yes, I know that I promised this a lot of times in the past but this time it is for … Continue reading

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Trick with partial derivatives in Statistical Physics

— 1. The problem — Some time ago I was studying Statistical Physics and I ended up solving an interesting exercise. The exercise in question is from the book Statistical Physics by Mandl and it is on page 66: A … Continue reading

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A quickie on Special Relativity

This post is intended to be a very concise rebuttal to one of the most popular misconceptions about the theory of Special Relativity. — 1. Brief Historical Review — For the ones that really want to have a better grasp … Continue reading

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New avenues into Quantum Mechanics

In recent times two articles that can do the seemingly impossible in Quantum Mechanics have been published and they generated some buzz on the interweb. This first article Observing the Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer is … Continue reading

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